Molten Aura Labs has a 15 day return policy for glass that falls outside of our quality standards. If you feel you have received glass that is defective, please describe the issue and send images of the defect, along with the order number and batch number, if available. If we determine there is actually a defect, we will work with you to either exchange the glass or offer a refund.

If there is no defect (we determine it falls within our quality standards) or you purchased the glass and simply want to return it, you will need to pay the return shipping costs and we will retain a 10% restocking fee. The remainder of your money will be refunded only after we’ve received and inspected the glass.


Damage to Shipment, Missing Items etc.
If there are issues with your shipment please notify us as soon as possible. Once 5 business days have passed since receipt we are unable to place claims with the shipping company to request a refund. It is your right to inspect your package while the delivery company waits for your signature. Once you sign for the shipment you are waving your right to future claims unless you note damage.

When you receive your package you must inspect the outside of the packaging to look for dents or crushed corners. If you see anything even slightly suspicious carefully remove all packaging and inspect the item.

If you suspect damage, you have two options. You can note damage and accept the item anyway, or you can refuse the shipment. If you accept the damaged shipment, then you need to negotiate with the freight company to replace your item, approve reimbursement for parts and repair, or provide compensation depending on the damage to your item.

If you refuse the shipment it will be returned to us and we will ship a replacement as soon as possible. This may take some time due to stocking issues and transit times, but this is usually the best option if your shipment is damaged. If you accept your shipment in a damaged state it is very important that you call or email us immediately to file the damage claim. You should take good pictures from different angles of the item and the packaging, and you should save all packaging material.

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