Penland 2016!


Thanks so much to Beccy Feather for inviting us to talk with her class at Penland! It was a fun morning meeting everyone and talking about glass and color – our favorite topics 🙂

We got to meet the students, see what they were working on, and answer questions. We discussed basic glass chemistry, some information about the process of melting glass, and several of the common glass colorants used in modern colored glass manufacturing. Additionally, we talked quite a bit about safety and health concerns as they relate to working with (and making) colored glass.

Aaron was able to show them how to successfully work a few of our colors, how to avoid potential scuzz in Meta-Terrania, and how to “flame strike” it to bring out more of the blue haze. Thanks again to Beccy and Kim for having us!

If you haven’t seen Beccy’s work yet, I highly recommend it. Here is Beccy’s IG feed.

Her teaching assistant, Iroczii, also has some impressive work to check out on IG here.