Welcome To The Lab

Company Founders

Aaron and Adam Wiens teamed up to form Molten Aura Labs after years of developing skills and experience in other fields. Their shared vision helps drives innovation in the industry and gives glassblowers a deeper toolset to work with.


Adam has a background in fine arts, with a focus on painting and illustration. Previous to his work at Molten Aura Labs, he was an artist and designer in the video game industry. Additionally, he taught college-level color theory and 3D animation courses was a freelance bio-medical visualization artist for many years. After nearly two decades manipulating pixels, a return to the tangibility of a studio environment was calling…

Initial experiments with painting on glass and clear acrylic panels led to full three dimensional cast glass forms. A deeper interest grew in glass chemistry, and specifically the development of permanent coloration in high temperature melts. That research continues, and is currently being applied to the creation of borosilicate glass colors as well as other personal projects.


Aaron began glassblowing in Minneapolis, MN in 2011. He rapidly learned a wide variety of flameworking techniques in the production environment of a shared studio. He also became adept at lathe work and large, clean forms.

Previous to glassblowing, Aaron studied engineering, worked for several years as a luthier building acoustic guitars, and ventured into fine art woodworking. Now he enjoys making and experimenting with new glass colors on a daily basis. Aaron also designs and builds the furnaces, the rod pulling machines, glass tools, and pretty much anything else required for us to push the boundaries of manufacturing colored borosilicate here at The Lab.