Orders are shipped out within 5-7 days of receiving the order online. Typically it’s sooner than that, however COVID has added radical inconsistencies in the shipping time via our carriers. We try to get the shipment sent out as soon as we are able, but we have no control over the packages once they are picked up by USPS or UPS. Ordering online is the best way to place an order with us because all of your information and preferences can be saved in your profile for future use. This makes your life easier the next time you order with us, and it helps us to keep track of incoming orders in our database system.

Our glass is packaged in quality cardboard boxes. The rods are bundled tightly with plastic wrap and then packed securely in an appropriately sized container surrounded by a generous amount of bubble wrap. The packages will be delivered according to the method you have selected upon checkout. We also ship internationally.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the shipping of your orders.

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