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Quasar – reinvented!

Quasar has similar working properties to Calypso, but with a spectrum of purples, reds, blues and lavenders. It may be slightly more forgiving than Calypso, but as always, test your processes when using new colors! Just like Calypso and Meta-Terrania, this color likes to be kept hot and garaged often. It may help to garage […]

Penland 2016!

Thanks so much to Beccy Feather for inviting us to talk with her class at Penland! It was a fun morning meeting everyone and talking about glass and color – our favorite topics 🙂 We got to meet the students, see what they were working on, and answer questions. We discussed basic glass chemistry, some information about […]

Alabaster, Sable, and Tung available now!

Sable is a warm brown, Alabaster is an off-white ivory, and Tung is an earthy red. This completes the first phase of our RealTone palette. These colors have been designed to give the boro artist a wide range of skin and earth tones to choose from. They are all are mixable with each other to […]

First RealTones Released!!!

We are excited to announce the first official RealTones for the borosilicate palette! These colors are made to work smooth and be opaque, but not completely dense. They show a certain amount of translucency, especially in blown work. This helps allow the light to bounce around in the glass and add a “fleshy” quality to […]

Welcome to the Laboratory

Welcome to Molten Aura Labs! We are a brand new company creating original borosilicate colors. Our first few colors include a vibrant blue, an emerald green, and a transparent turquoise. These have been tested and used in production, but expect them to evolve and continue to improve as our process is refined. In the coming weeks […]